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Free Soil Test Workshop

You Had a Soil Test ...

Now What?

Learn How to Read and Interpret a Soil Test Report


Thursday December 12, 2019

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Ross County Service Center

475 Western Avenue in Chillicothe, Ohio

Please Make Reservations

Call 740-772-4110 or email

The Ross Soil and Water Conservation District announces a free workshop about how to read and interpret a soil test. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has identified soil testing as one of the top ten practices farmers can do to reduce fertilizer runoff. Testing is just the first step, however. Reading the report and interpreting the data is the key to implementing a nutrient plan. The free workshop is open to farm producers and all residents of Ross County. The workshop is Thursday December 12, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Ross County Service Center at 475 Western Avenue in Chillicothe. Attendees are asked to please make reservations by calling the Ross Soil and Water Conservation District at 740-772-4110 or emailing the administrator at Residents can bring in a recent soil test and examine the report line by line. The event is being held in partnership with OSU Extension and the presentation will be led that evening by Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator, Ross Meeker.

Local Weather Information

The Ross Soil and Water Conservation District now has live weather data. Our weather station is located in northwest Ross County.

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Ohio Nutrient Applicator Forecast

Use this tool to determine what the risk of runoff will be after application


Logging Training at Scioto Trails

These "fellers" attended logging training at Scioto Trails. JT Flowers, Ben Givens and Chris Pancake attended the Ohio Forestry Association Master Logging class this week. Master Loggers do a lot to prevent soil erosion during and after a logging operation. Timber owners can file a voluntary Timber Harvest Plan with the Ross SWCD. Contact the District for more information.

Augmented Reality Sandbox at Unioto

Thank you to Unioto Middle School science teachers Olivia Muntz and Esmeralda Kight for inviting the Soil & Water Conservation District to demonstrate principles of topography with the District's Augmented Reality Sandbox. Julie Kyle and Chris Pancake met with students in small groups to review topographical maps and then students designed their own landscapes with the interactive AR Sandbox.