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Topography Topics

Thank you to Unioto Middle School science teachers Olivia Muntz and Esmeralda Kight for inviting the Soil & Water Conservation District to demonstrate principles of topography with the District's Augmented Reality Sandbox. Julie Kyle and Chris Pancake met with students in small groups to review topographical maps and then students designed their own landscapes with the interactive AR Sandbox.

Corcoran Named to State Soil & Water Commission

Congratulations, Dennis Corcoran!

Outgoing Ross SWCD Supervisor Dennis Corcoran has been appointed by Governor Kasich to serve on the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission (OSWCC).

​REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (Oct. 6, 2017) – Gov. John Kasich has appointed Dennis Corcoran of Chillicothe, Ohio to the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  Mr. Corcoran’s four-year term on the commission will run through June 30, 2021. 
Mr. Corcoran is owner/operator of Corcoran Farms with his brothers and nephew. Corcoran Farms has been recognized with the Ohio Conservation Farm Family Award and Mr. Corcoran was recognized as the 2008 Ohio Commercial Cattleman of the Year.
Mr. Corcoran is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and previously served on the Ross Soil and Water Conservation Board of Supervisors as Treasurer. Other current service includes; 4-H advisor, Knights of Columbus member, and a delegate for District 15 of the United Producers Board.
The Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission is a seven-member commission which ensures Ohio counties are served by effectively administered and adequately supported Soil and Water Conservation Districts. 

Annual Meeting 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended and voted at the combined Farm Bureau and Ross SWCD Annual Meetings on August 31'st. Congratulations to Mike Peterson of Peterson Farms - our Farm Family of the Year Award winner, presented by Troy Junk. Thank you to Ross Meeker for standing for election and congratulations to Brice Acton who won the Supervisor seat that will be vacated by Dennis Corcoran. Dennis received a certificate from Cody Hacker at the Department of Agriculture for his six years of service to conservation. Hats off to the Ross County Farm Bureau for creating a wonderful program featuring Jack Fisher and agri-broadcaster Ty Higgins.

SWCD at the Ross County Fair

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Ross County Fair and thank you to Ross County Engineer Charlie Ortman for sharing space. People seemed to enjoy the Augmented Reality Sandbox on display. 


Summer Newsletter

Click on the PDF icon to see the Summer 2017 Newsletter

SWCD in Schools

The Ross Soil and Water Conservation District was proud to participate in a tradition more than 50 years strong. District Engineering Technicians Ben Givens and Chris Pancake participated in the 2017 Unioto Conservation Camp. In the pictures, Chris Pancake leads a presentation on subsurface drainage commonly called "tiling." Subsurface drainage is an effective method to prevent soil from over saturating. Soil can't retain nutrients when there is too much water. In urban areas, these pipelines drain excess water from foundations and lawns. Tiling also prevents soil erosion by removing excess water without dragging any soil along with it. To talk to a technician about tile, please contact the District at 740-772-4110 or send an email to


It's never too early to teach children about conservation. Our wildlife specialist JT Flowers visited a couple of classes at the OU-C Early Childhood Education Center today. The kids enjoyed JT's "fur kit" (samples of fur from local wildlife). JT talked to the preschoolers about local wildlife and encouraged the kids to get outside and experience the outdoors.


The Ross Soil & Water Conservation District conducted a classroom presentation at Southeastern Schools in January. Wildlife Specialist J.T. Flowers spoke to about 90 of Mrs. Prall‘s fifth graders at Southeastern Middle School. Students are studying ecosystems and our interaction with ecosystems.


J.T. talked to the students about wildlife and how we interact with wildlife. “Wildlife is a resource,” J.T. told the classroom, “and like any other resource, we need to practice conservation so wildlife is there for future generations.” Flowers explained to the class how his work at the Ross Soil and Water Conservation District includes finding a balance.


J.T. told the students part of his work is improving habitat so wildlife can thrive. J.T. also explained to the children how wildlife can sometimes be a nuisance to agriculture, eating crops and killing livestock. J.T. says, “since many natural predators are gone, it’s up to us to manage wildlife.” Flowers explained to the class how hunting a few animals (thinning the herd) helps the entire species survive when there is disease or not enough food.


In a hands-on demonstration, J.T. showed the class pelts of some small game found in Ross County. The class learned the principles of trapping and practiced building some primitive traps. And the class learned how to identify wildlife by their tracks. J.T. has molded casts of wildlife tracks that makes a fun and effective visual aid. The Soil & Water Conservation District is available for a number of school presentations. Please contact the district for more information.

Pond Clinic 2017

Thank you to everyone who bought stock in our annual Fish Sale and attended our Pond Clinic featuring Steve Fender


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