Annual Meeting

Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations

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The annual meeting topic featured a preview of the new Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations. Steven Culman's presentation starts about a minute into the video. Please click the movie to view.

To see a summary of the work done by the Ohio State University Soil Fertility Lab please click on the Summary button below.

Meeting Program

6:30 Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations Preview

7:00 Question & Answer

7:15 Cooperator of the Year Award

7:20 District Business Meeting

Cooperator of the Year

Curtis Cockrell and Cockrell Farms

Pictured from left to right: Tom Cockrell, David Cockrell, Curtis Cockrell, John Phillips

Cockrell Farms is an original family operation. Hardly small, the family owns and operates land in several counties including well over 1000 acres in Ross County. The District is recognizing Curtis Cockrell as our primary cooperator of the year along with Curtis’ brother David Cockrell and their mother Ann Cockrell. Two nephews also farm full time: John Phillips and Tom Cockrell. “We like to farm dry, so we use what works.” Cockrell said speaking about their conservation practices, grassed waterways and subsurface drainage, “and we bring in our fertilizer man.” Cockrell says the tile has meant that they can plant in wet conditions, get into corners, and work dry through the season. The Cockrells are dedicated to the land. “I started when I was five,” says 60-year old Curtis Cockrell. “David was running a tractor when he was 7 or 8.” The family thrives on working around the clock, season after season, even in winter Curtis says the family cuts wood to fuel their home and operation near Galena, Ohio.


At the Ross Soil and Water Conservation District, our goal is to once a year recognize a producer from the district that we work with and who can exemplify what conservation practices can mean for an operation. The Cockrells practice no-till for soybean fields and use minimal tillage on corn fields. The district started working with Cockrell Farms nearly ten years ago. Beg-inning with 5,800 feet of grassed waterways in 2011, Curtis then installed a significant amount of tile over the decade, reaching an impressive total of 138,655 feet.


What stands out to us is the long term and steady approach the Cockrells take to drainage for the conservation of soil, protection of water, and the productivity of farmland. Besides the family’s dedication to hard work, what strikes us is the “what works” attitude and the Cockrell’s view of the whole picture including specific conservation practices tied in with fertilizer management to bring about a successful operation. The District congratulates Curtis, David, and Ann Cockrell and names Cockrell Farms as the Ross Soil and Water Conservation District’s 2020 Cooperator of the Year!

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